Konzert: Psycho Praxis

Samstag, 14. März 2015

Beginn: 19:30 Uhr

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Eintritt: VVK EUR 18,- , AK: EUR 20,- , Mitglieder: EUR 16,-


Psycho Praxis" biography


PSYCHO PRAXIS are a near perfect sound mélange of British heavy prog and Italian progressive rock (RPI).

Hailing from Brescia the band's debut album "Echoes from the Deep" doesn't sound like a new band trying to cash in

on retro-prog, rather, it sounds like an authentic lost album from the early 70s with quality thrills and chills.

Imagine the slightly creepy and unpredictable edge of VAN DER GRAFF GENERATOR mixed with the whirling,

feverish flutes of OSANNA, and the keyboard textures of METAMORFOSI.

To our substantial dismay the band employ English vocals rather than Italian, but even the hardest core RPI fan will surely

forgive them because the music is so good. 

Released by Black Widow Records in 2012, my guess is that this title will become a classic with prog fans of all stripes.

-bio by Jim Russell / Finnforest 


Psycho Praxis"  — Echoes From The Deep





(Black Widow BWRCD 147-2, 2012, CD / LP)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2013-10-09



The listener will immediately be struck by the opener “Privileged Station”, which sounds more like a British heavy prog-psych band from around 1969 than any Italian band from 2013; in other words, these guys are made-to-order for the Black Widow label.


Beginning with the second track “P.S.M.” they begin to show their Italian side (even though the lyrics are in English throughout the album), definitely feeling the same influences that drove some early 70s bands like The Trip and Osanna: the swirling organ power that recalls the early VDGG albums, and the gentler guitar and flute driven approach of Trespass era Genesis are fused into a common thread here, again recalling early 70s British styles as much as Italian bands of the same era.


Lead vocalist Andrea Calzoni, who doubles on flute, is a powerful frontman and elicits that vintage early 70s feel as much as any of the other four instrumentalists in the band (electric and 12 string guitars, organ, piano and glockenspiel, bass and drums), all of whom show a studied and conscious understanding of what made the music of that era great.

One has to wonder if these guys ever listen to the recordings of their contemporaries, or if they’ve just spent their entire lives studying the music of that brief period of classic post-psychedelic and progressive rock.

If I didn’t know otherwise, I could easily be convinced that the six songs here (including one instrumental) were recorded no later than around 1972. So there you have it in a nutshell.


A solid recommendation for those who seek vintage sounds.




Psycho Praxis – Echoes From The Deep 


Psycho Praxis – eine perfekte Klangmélange aus britischem heavy prog und italienischem progressive rock - der Hörer wird bereits beim Ertönen der ersten Nummer „Privileged Station“  förmlich in den Bann der Musik gesogen!

Nicht zu überhören sind die Einflüsse von Van Der Graaf Generator und Genesis – ein Muss also für alle Liebhaber dieses Genres!

Leadsänger Andrea Calzoni  ist ein ausdrucksstarker Frontman, der es ebenso,  wie jedes andere Bandmitglied vermag,

das Vintage- und 70s Feeling in brillianter Weise zum Besten zu geben!

Wüsste ich es nicht besser, so wäre ich davon überzeugt, dass ihr Debutalbum „Echoes From The Deep“  

nicht später als 1972 aufgenommen wurde . 

Ein zuverlässiger Tipp also für alle Progressive Rock Fans und jene, die den Sound der 70er lieben!


Line up


Vocals - Flute : Andrea Calzoni

Guitars: Paolo Vacchelli

Keyboards: Paolo Tognazzi

Bass: Matteo Marini

Drums: Matteo Tognazzi